When I found out that Brad Center, our current School Board member for Lee District, would not be running for re-election this November I was concerned about making sure that our Fairfax County Public Schools continued providing the quality they are renowned for, and that they had an advocate representing Lee District who feels like I do.

Having been very involved with our local schools, served on numerous boards, PTA, etc., people who know me suggested that I run for the office. Although my degree is in political science and business, I never really saw myself running for office, but I think that is how a lot of people come to public service – a need arises, and those who want to make things better step up.

I have to admit that when that person is you, stepping up often involves a bit of pushing from friends and family, and once I thought about the situation seriously and talked it over with my family, I did not see how I could do otherwise than to run for school board.

I am running for school board, because I believe Lee District deserves a passionate and committed advocate to keep our schools strong so our community stays strong (more about why I’m running, click here).

I have the support of my family and friends, as well as numerous endorsements, including Supervisor Jeff McKay and Delegate Mark Sickles, and I’d like your support and ultimately your vote to represent you for quality public school education.

I look forward to meeting a lot more people over the coming months of the campaign, and I’d like to hear from you, to have the chance to speak with you and your groups. Already supporters will be hosting opportunities to do just that at my Kaufax Koffees, and if you’d like to host one too sign-up here. If you have a suggestion or something you want me to know about, please let me hear from you since a big part of serving you better is knowing what is important to you, click here.

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