“I am pleased to be one of Tammy’s early supporters. As the father of a child who will soon be entering the Fairfax County school system, I want the best for her and for all our children. I’ve worked with Tammy for many years and I’ve been impressed with her common sense, strong community roots, drive, and dedication to our children and our community. Her expertise with school issues is second to none and her common sense approach and willingness to listen to and respect differing views is what we need in an elected official.”
Jeff McKay
Lee District Supervisor


“Tammy is an excellent choice for Lee District School Board. I know she will work hard for our students because she has already dedicated countless volunteer hours to the cause. She knows how to bring people together and get the most out of our scarce tax dollars. I look forward to working with her to better our already excellent school system.”
Mark Sickles
Delegate 43rd House District, Virginia


“I have known Tammy for almost 15 years since our kids were in playgroup together. As long as I have known Tammy, she has been involved in her community, with a particular emphasis on education and schools, serving on the Fairfax County Child Care Advisory Council since 2001 and as an active parent in the PTA. I have the utmost confidence in Tammy’s ability to successfully serve on the Fairfax County school board representing Lee District. It is important to note that Tammy is also poised and ready to make a difference on the school board, day one. Her passion for kids, her knowledge of education issues, her ability to communicate and listen and her proven success working with others combine to make her an incredible and successful school board member.”
Eileen Filler-Corn
Delegate, 41st House District, Virginia


“As the former representative to the School Board from Lee District, I have a deep commitment to our schools and the education of our children. I would not feel comfortable handing the responsibility for this position off to anyone but Tammy. She has the commitment to do the job well, the compassion to make a difference in the lives of our children, and the intelligence to make well thought out decisions.”
Brad Center
Former Fairfax County School Board, Lee District


“Tammy Derenak Kaufax was the first person I hired when I went to work for the Independent Insurance Agents of America and after knowing her for more than 20 years, and working with her for several of those years, she would still be my first hire if I had the chance. Tammy is intelligent, compassionate, hard working and a significant consensus builder. She attacks each challenge she faces with resolve, fairness and a keen understanding that a positive outcome for her means a balanced outcome for all involved.”
Richard A Poppa, CAE, AAI
President & Chief Executive Officer, Independent Insurance Agents & Brokers of New York, Inc.


“I have known Tamara Derenak for eleven years as a dedicated parent of two children who attended Bush Hill, an active member of our PTA, and engaged community member. What has impressed me the most about Tammy is her ability to listen. She was always there to support her children’s teachers in a variety of ways. She was tireless in her various roles on the PTA, always ready to lend a hand. Over the years I have had occasions to talk with Tammy about educational issues and she is always well versed on the issues and always supportive of our educational mission. I whole heartedly support Tammy as a candidate for Fairfax County School Board as she is a tireless worker who understands that children and their educational achievement come first. For years, our Bush Hill motto was, “building the future, one child at a time” and that perfectly describes Tammy and how she will work to bring consensus and progress to Fairfax County Schools.”
Jack Pitzer
Former Principal, Bush Hill Elementary School